Getting More Negotiating One Sheet

I’ll often use this sheet to prepare for negotiation. It’s from Getting More. The most useful concept from this book is the idea that each sides values things differently, and unequally. If you can uncover those, you might be willing to make a trade that is fair, without the dreaded compromise.

Quadrant I: Problems and Goals
1. Goals: short/long term.  
2. Problem(s): in reaching your goals.  
3. Parties: List. Decision-maker. Counterpart. Third parties.  
4. What if no deal? Worst case?  
5. Preparation: Time, relative preparation. Who has more information?
Quadrant II: Situation Analysis
6. Needs/interests: of both parties: rational, emotional, shared, conflicting, unequally valued.   
7. Perceptions: Pictures in the head of each party? Role reversal, culture, conflicts, trust.
8. Communication: style, relationship?   
9. Standards: theirs, norms.   10. Reexamine goals: Why say yes, why say no? For both parties.
Quadrant III—Options/Risk Reduction 
11. Brainstorm: options to meet goals, needs. What to trade or link?   12. Incremental: steps to reduce risk.  
13. Third parties: common enemies, influencers.  
14. Framing: to create a vision, develop questions to ask.   15. Alternatives: to improve/effect deal if necessary.
Quadrant IV—Actions  
16. Best options/priorities. Dealbreakers. Giveaways.  
17. Who presents: How and to whom?  
18. Process: Agenda, deadlines, time management.  
19.Commitments/incentives: Especially for them.  
20. Next steps: Who does what?
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